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Device Donation Program

Giving back to the Community

We see two things happening everyday here at Turtle Bay IT:

  1. People upgrading to new tech while their old tech is still usable
  2. People going without devices critical to education and work

That is why we decided to start the Turtle Bay IT Device Giveback Device Donation Program. How it works is you donate your older model (but usable) devices to us at Turtle Bay IT. We clear all data off of the device, upgrade it as needed, use any of the many parts we have to bring it up to spec and then look for someone in need in the community. We then donate it free of charge.

Now, this isn't some promo to get our name out there or to look like saints. We just don't like the idea of adding to the pile of techno trash out there when we know people who need devices.

Thanks for helping out!