How Senegal and Microsoft have worked to expand educational opportunity


 Thinking ahead and preparing for possible changes are traits of successful organizations. Four years ago, Senegal's Ministry of Education partnered with Microsoft Education to address its existing needs and also think about the future. When COVID-19 required a major shift in teaching and learning, Senegal was ready. Access this customer story for insight into how strategic partnerships often pay off. Connect with Turtle Bay IT Services Corp. for remote and hybrid learning support.

"By partnering with Microsoft, Senegal's Ministry of Education (MoE) was able to take advantage of its existing network of educational tools and efficiently transition to a remote learning environment. Without this partnership, countless students would have been left without any means of continuing their education during the COVID-19 crisis. Through these programs, however, the Ministry was easily able to avoid those challenges and create an effective digital curriculum for its more than 3.5 million students."



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Sunday, 07 March 2021